Main Qualitative Research for Allied Health Professionals: Challenging Choices

Qualitative Research for Allied Health Professionals: Challenging Choices

This practical text addresses a gap in the literature by mapping the links between philosophy, research method and practice in an accessible, readable way. It offers guidance to allied health professionals – increasingly involved in research as the emphasis grows on evidence-based practice – on how to engage in meaningful, good quality qualitative research.To help researchers take on this challenge, the book:highlights some of the choices involved in carrying out qualitative researchoffers a wide range of practical examples to show how different ways of doing qualitative research can be managedcritically examines a variety of qualitative research methodologies of particular interest to allied health professionalsclarifies the links between epistemology, methodology and method.The book is structured in three parts.  Part I sensitises readers to the complex issues which challenge qualitative researchers at the planning stage of their projects. In Part II, the challenge of using different methodologies is critically explored by fifteen authors, who describe their individual research experiences. Part III examines the choices researchers make when they evaluate and present research.
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