Main College Geometry: An Introduction to the Modern Geometry of the Triangle and the Circle (Dover Books..

College Geometry: An Introduction to the Modern Geometry of the Triangle and the Circle (Dover Books on Mathematics)

Thank you Dover!! This is one of the two English books in print that give a fairly complete introduction to advanced Euclidean geometry, the other one being the comparable text by R A Johnson, Advanced Euclidean Geometry (Dover Books on Mathematics). The book contains all the classical theorems with full proofs, including many theorems that belong to the so called triangle geometry that was developed in the last quarter of the nineteenth century. Due to geometry software the subject is becoming popular again. The book also contains a treasure of exercises, but no solutions which could be a nuisance. But what use are the solutions? Problems should be solved and not looked up!. Many problems are about geometric constructions. If you prepare for a mathematical contest or if you are interested in a complete overview of the classical plane geometry (for instance after reading Ross Honsberger's "Episodes"), this is your book.

The book assumes that you are familiar with simple geometrical concepts like congruence of triangles, parallelograms, circles and the most elementary theorems and constructions as can be found in Kiselev's book Kiselev's Geometry / Book I. Planimetry.
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