Main Disability, Inclusion and Inclusive Education

Disability, Inclusion and Inclusive Education

The book approaches the topic of disability, inclusion and inclusive education in a holistic way including both academic and psycho-social perspectives. It also focuses on the contemporary status of disability studies with a multidisciplinary dimension. The experiences and challenges of children with disabilities and the different dimensions of  inclusive education have been situated appropriately by including at the outset, a chapter on 'Disability Studies: The Context'.  Chapter on 'Sociology of Disability' accentuates the tone and perspective of the presentations of the authors and editor. 

The research findings presented in the book indicate grounded realities and suggestions for transactional strategies which are plausible in the Indian context. It has never been timely to publish a book that helps professionals who work with schools, special education teachers, and counsellors to analyze disabilities from a socio-psychological perspective keeping the protagonist at the centre. Case narrations situated in the Indian context enrich the presentations giving voice to the marginalized children/adults with disabilities. This work serves as a comprehensive reference for the most prevalent disabilities at school education level covering the conceptual understanding about each disability, their psycho-social perspectives, implications for classroom transactions, suggestions of transactional strategies along with a brief explanation of assistive technology that can be used in case of each disability.With Right to Education Act (2009) in place, a diverse range of readers, from special educators and other teachers in schools, prospective teachers pursuing their pre service teacher education programmes, teacher educators and researchers in the field of disabilities and inclusive education will all find this volume useful, as a reference material with long shelf life.

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