Main Interactive Object-Oriented Programming in Java

Interactive Object-Oriented Programming in Java

Gain the fundamental concepts of object-oriented programming with examples in Java. This second edition comes with detailed coverage and enhanced discussion on fundamental topics such as inheritance, polymorphism, abstract classes, interfaces, and packages. This edition also includes discussions on multithread programming, generic programming, database programming, and exception handling mechanisms in Java. Finally, you will get a quick overview of design patterns including the full implementation of some important patterns.

Interactive Object-Oriented Programming in Java begins with the fundamental concepts of object-oriented programming alongside Q&A sessions to further explore the topic. The book concludes with FAQs from all chapters. It also contains a section to test your skills in the language basics with examples to understand Java fundamentals including loops, arrays, and strings. You’ll use the Eclipse IDE to demonstrate the code examples in the book.

After reading the book, you will have enhanced your skills in object-oriented programming in Java and you will be able to extend them in interesting ways.

You will:

Discover object-oriented programming with Java

Test your programming skills

Crack Java-based interviews with confidence

Use the Eclipse IDE to write code and generate output

About the Author

Vaskaran Sarcar obtained his master of engineering degree from Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India. He was a national Gate Scholar and has more than 12 years of experience in education and the IT industry. He worked as senior software engineer, specialist, and team lead in the R&D hub at HP Inc. India till August, 2019. He is an alumnus of prestigious institutions in India, such as

Jadavpur University, Vidyasagar University, and Presidency University (formerly Presidency College). Reading and learning new things are his passions. Other books by Vaskaran include the following:

Java Design Patterns (Second Edition) (Apress, 2018)

Design Patterns in C# (Apress, 2018)

Interactive C# (Apress, 2017)

Interactive Object-Oriented Programming in Java (Apress, 2016)

Java Design Patterns (First Edition) (Apress, 2016)

C# Basics: Test Your Skill (CreateSpace, 2015)

Operating System: Computer Science Interview Series (CreateSpace, 2014)
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