Main Social Philosophy Of Science For The Social Sciences

Social Philosophy Of Science For The Social Sciences

This is an international and interdisciplinary volume that provides a new look at the general background of the social sciences from a philosophical perspective and provides directions for methodology. It seeks to overcome the limitations of the traditional treatises of a philosophy of science rooted in the physical sciences, as well as extend the coverage of basic science to intentional and socially normative features of the social sciences. The discussions included in this book are divided into four thematic sections:
• Social and cognitive roots for reflexivity upon the research process
• Philosophies of explanation in the social sciences
• Social normativity in social sciences
• Social processes in particular sciences
Social Philosophy of Science for the Social Sciences will find an interested audience in students of the philosophy of science and social sciences. It is also relevant for researchers and students in the fields of psychology, sociology, economics, anthropology, education, and political science.
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Theory And History In The Human And Social Sciences
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