Main Clinical Immunology and Serology - A Laboratory Perspective

Clinical Immunology and Serology - A Laboratory Perspective

The perfect balance of theory and practice!

Here’s the must-have information you need to understand the essential principles of immunology and to master the serology techniques most commonly used in the laboratory. Easy-to-read, student-friendly coverage focuses on the direct application of theory to clinical laboratory practice, preparing you for the real world in which you will practice.

The 4th Edition of this popular text has been completely updated and revised throughout to reflect the latest advances in the field. A brand-new full-color layout makes the content easier to understand than ever before.

An access code inside new printed texts unlocks a wealth of learning tools online at DavisPlus, including a Davis Digital eBook, review questions, and laboratory exercises that make learning and studying easier.

See what students and instructors are saying about previous editions…

“I just LOVE this book. This book is written WELL! Short chapters and VERY compact!”— Nadezeda Shcherbakova, Student

“Great book. Very easy to use.”— Cheryl L Barela, Student

“I love the way the book is organized.”—Wendy Miller, MS, CLS(NSA), MT(ASCP)SI

“I enthusiastically support the author’s approach…I think this is a very valuable text…”—Stephen M. Johnson, MS, MT (ASCP)
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