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Security for Software Engineers

Security for Software Engineers is designed to introduce security concepts to undergraduate software engineering students. The book is divided into four units, each targeting activities that a software engineer will likely be involved in within industry.
The book explores the key areas of attack vectors, code hardening, privacy, and social engineering. Each topic is explored from a theoretical and a practical-application standpoint.

Targets software engineering students – one of the only security texts to target this audience.
Focuses on the white-hat side of the security equation rather than the black-hat side.
Includes many practical and real-world examples that easily translate into the workplace.
Covers a one-semester undergraduate course.
Describes all aspects of computer security as it pertains to the job of a software engineer and presents problems similar to that which an engineer will encounter in the industry.
This text will equip students to make knowledgeable security decisions, be productive members of a security review team, and write code that protects a user’s information assets.
CRC Press
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PDF, 47.95 MB
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