Main Advances in Artificial Intelligence, Software and Systems Engineering

Advances in Artificial Intelligence, Software and Systems Engineering

This book focuses on emerging issues following the integration of artificial intelligence systems in our daily lives. It focuses on the cognitive, visual, social and analytical aspects of computing and intelligent technologies, highlighting ways to improve technology acceptance, effectiveness, and efficiency. Topics such as responsibility, integration and training are discussed throughout. The book also reports on the latest advances in systems engineering, with a focus on societal challenges and next-generation systems and applications for meeting them. It also discusses applications in smart grids and infrastructures, systems engineering education as well as defense and aerospace. The book is based on both the AHFE 2018 International Conference on Human Factors in Artificial Intelligence and Social Computing, Software and Systems Engineering, The Human Side of Service Engineering and Human Factors in Energy, July 21–25, 2018, Loews Sapphire Falls Resort at Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida, USA.

1st ed.
Springer International Publishing
ISBN 13:
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 787
PDF, 41.63 MB
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