Main Software Development, Design and Coding: With Patterns, Debugging, Unit Testing, and Refactoring

Software Development, Design and Coding: With Patterns, Debugging, Unit Testing, and Refactoring

Learn the principles of good software design, and how to turn those principles into great code. This book introduces you to software engineering ― from the application of engineering principles to the development of software. You'll see how to run a software development project, examine the different phases of a project, and learn how to design and implement programs that solve specific problems. It's also about code construction ― how to write great programs and make them work.
Whether you're new to programming or have written hundreds of applications, in this book you'll re-examine what you already do, and you'll investigate ways to improve. Using the Java language, you'll look deeply into coding standards, debugging, unit testing, modularity, and other characteristics of good programs. With Software Development, Design and Coding, author and professor John Dooley distills his years of teaching and development experience to demonstrate practical techniques for great coding.

What You'll Learn
• Review modern agile methodologies including Scrum and Lean programming
• Leverage the capabilities of modern computer systems with parallel programming
• Work with design patterns to exploit application development best practices
• Use modern tools for development, collaboration, and source code controls

Who This Book Is For
Early career software developers, or upper-level students in software engineering courses
344 / 330
ISBN 13:
PDF, 6.35 MB
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