Main Data Communications and Computer Networks A Business User's Approach

Data Communications and Computer Networks A Business User's Approach

Providing essential information for business managers, computer programmers, system designers, as well as home computer users, DATABASE COMMUNICATIONS AND COMPUTER NETWORKS, 8e provides a thorough introduction that includes coverage of the language of computer networks as well as the effects of data communications on business and society. Balancing technical concepts with everyday issues, it equips you with a solid understanding of the basic features, operations, and limitations of different types of computer networks. It offers full coverage of wireless technologies, industry convergence, compression techniques, network security, LAN technologies, VoIP, and error detection and correction. The Eighth Edition also offers up-to-the-minute coverage of near field communications, updated USB interface, lightning interface, and IEEE 802.11 ac and ad wireless standards, firewall updates, router security problems, the Internet of Things, cloud computing, zero-client workstations, and Internet domain names.
Introduction to Computer Networks and
Data Communications I
2 Fundamentals of Data and Signals 27
3 Conducted and Wireless Media 61
4 Making Connections I 0 I
5 Making Connections Efficient:
Multiplexing and Compression 119
6 Errors, Error Detection, and Error Control 147
7 Local Area Networks: Part I 175
8 Local Area Networks: Part II 207
9 Introduction to Metropolitan Area
Networks and Wide Area Networks 241
10 The Internet 269
I I Voice and Data Delivery Networks 307
12 Network Security 339
13 Network Design and Management 373
8th Edition
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