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How to Teach Mathematics

This third edition is a lively and provocative tract on how to teach mathematics in today's new world of online learning tools and innovative teaching devices. The author guides the reader through the joys and pitfalls of interacting with modern undergraduates--telling you very explicitly what to do and what not to do. This third edition has been streamlined from the second edition, but still includes the nuts and bolts of good teaching, discussing material related to new developments in teaching methodology and technique, as well as adding an entire new chapter on online teaching methods.
American Mathematical Society
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As a new and upcoming maths educator, I had been teaching for the previous 18 months before enrolling for a PGCE program. My question has always been; how do I ensure that learning has happened after my teaching session? How do I teach mathematics for understanding? These questions have been bugging me since semester one in my PGCE class until I met a maths teacher with 41 years experience in the field who took me by my hand and navigated with me through the bush of uncertainty. This text by Krantz is a fulfilment of my journey.

Thank you for opening my eyes, the process is still happening, with much hope inside me.

Thank you.
21 October 2019 (17:56) 
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