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Valuing music in education : a Charles Fowler reader

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Noted music education and arts activist Charles Fowler has inspired music educators for more than 60 years. In this book, editor Craig Resta brings together the most important of Fowler's writings from the journal Musical America for new generations of readers.

Here, Fowler speaks to many timeless issues including creativity and culture in the classroom, school funding, reform and policy, assessment and pedagogy, and equality and pluralism in music education. The articles are both research-based and practical, and helpful for many of the most important concerns in school-based advocacy and scholarly inquiry today. Resta offers critical commentary with compelling background to these enduring pieces, placing them in a context that clarifies the benefit of their message to music and arts education.

Fowler's words speak to all who have a stake in music education: students, teachers, parents, administrators, performers, community members, business leaders, arts advocates, scholars, professors, and researchers alike. Valuing Music in Education is ideal for everyone who understands the critical role of music in schools and society.
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