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Case-based Nuclear Medicine

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Praise for the first edition:

"Recommend[ed]...for novices and masters alike. It will improve the reader's breadth of knowledge and ability to make sound clinical decisions." - Clinical Nuclear Medicine

Ideal for self-assessment, the second edition of Case-Based Nuclear Medicine has been fully updated to reflect the latest nuclear imaging technology, including cutting-edge cardiac imaging systems and the latest on PET/CT.

Each chapter is packed with high-quality images that demonstrate the full-range of commonly encountered disease manifestations as seen in the practice of nuclear medicine. The lavishly illustrated cases begin with the clinical presentation and a concise patient history followed by imaging findings, differential diagnoses, the definitive diagnosis and follow-up information, a brief discussion of the background for each diagnosis, and a list of pearls and pitfalls.


  • Comprehensive coverage of everything from single
    photon emission computed tomography to PET/CT imaging

  • Cases presented as 'unknowns' enable readers to
    develop their own differential diagnoses - just like on the exam

  • Over 400 high-resolution images, including full-color
    PET/CT and cardiac scintigraphic images, document the cases

  • Numerous tips, tricks, pearls, and pitfalls highlight
    key points at the end of each chapter

  • A scratch-off code provides 12 months of access to
    RadCases, a searchable online database of 250 must-know nuclear medicine cases

This user-friendly atlas is an essential resource for all residents and fellows
in radiology and nuclear medicine as they review for exams and prepare for rounds. Clinicians will find the succinct presentation of cases an invaluable quick reference in daily practice.

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