Main Mixed Methods Research for Nursing and the Health Sciences

Mixed Methods Research for Nursing and the Health Sciences

Mixed methods research combines quantitative and qualitative research methods in a single study. The use of mixed methods research is increasingly popular in nursing and health sciences research. This growth in popularity has been driven by the increasing complexity of research problems relating to human health and wellbeing.Mixed Method Research for Nursing and the Health Sciences is an accessible, practical guide to the design, conduct and reporting of mixed method research in nursing or the health sciences. Each chapter stands alone, describing the various steps of the research process, but contains links to other chapters. Within the text, 'real-life' examples from the published literature, doctoral theses and the unpublished work of the authors, illustrate the concepts being discussed.* Places mixed methods research within its contemporary context* Includes international contributions from UK, Australia, NZ and USA* Provides an accessible introduction to theoretical and philosophical underpinnings* Demystifies strategies for analysing mixed methods data* Examines strategies for publishing mixed methods research* Includes learning objectives and exemplars in each chapter* Final chapters provide 'real-life' examples of applied researchAbout the Authors:Sharon Andrew is Head of Program (Postgraduate) and Elizabeth J. Halcomb is Senior Lecturer, School of Nursing & Midwifery, University of Western Sydney.Also of Interest:The Research Process in Nursing (Fifth Edition)Edited by Kate Gerrish and Anne Lacey978-14051-3013-4Research Handbook for Healthcare ProfessionalsMary Hickson978-14051-7737-5Real World Research: A Resource for Social Scientists and Practitioner-ResearchersSecond editionColin Robson978-0631-21305-5Reviewing Research Evidence for Nursing Practice: Systematic ReviewsEdited by Christine Webb and Brenda Roe978-14051-4423-0
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